Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homemade Crowns & Swords

3 Royal Crowns!

For the CROWNS:

1. You're gonna need aluminum foil. Cut off about 20 inches or so. Fold it in half twice, long sides together.

2. I used colored card stock. I cut it in half lengthwise so hen I taped it together, it was as long as the folded foil.
3. Cut V's into the colored card stock to make peaks of the crown.

4. Place the card stock in the middle of the foil and fold the foil in half with the card stock in the middle (so the card stock is sandwiched between the foil.

5. Place a few small pieces of tape to make the card stock stay in place on the foil.
6. Tape the foil to the card stock (once folded).
7. Overlap ends to proper size, and slip one end of foil inside the other. Tape in place.
8. Decorate with stickers, glitters, crayons, markers.... whatever you or your kids want to do!

For the SWORDS:

1. Take the tube that comes from the inside of wrapping paper (it's nice & long).

2. Tear foil long enough to cover the whole length.
3. Roll foil around the tube and tape in place.
4. Crumple ends and tuck into the hole at either end.

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