Monday, August 17, 2009

Homemade Finger (and feet) Paint


I don't know if I ever bought finger-paint for my kids. Actually, ONCE! I figured I would try and make some since finger painting is supposed to be great for kids. It builds creativity of course, but it's great for their motor skills and they get a great sensory experience as well. This formula is totally safe to eat since it's made at home with food products (of course NOT eating paint is the way to go but if a little one HAS to try it, at least it's safe).

1/2 cup cornstarch
3 Tbsp. sugar

1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups cold water
food coloring
Spoon and whisk
Storage containers like tupperware, baby food jars, or even ice cube trays if being used immediately.

1. Mix cornstarch, sugar, salt, and cold water by whisking in the saucepan.
2. Cook over medium-low heat for 10-15 minutes stirring and whisking pretty constantly. 
3. Cook until the mixture is smooth and thick like glue.
4. Take pan off stove and divide into containers that can be sealed.
5. Mix in food coloring until desired color is reached.

(image left to right: color added and mixed, color added and not-mixed, and no color added)
6. Close containers and allow to cool.

Zoƫ thought it tasted great...

Feet work well, too.

Hands get  messy...

... so does the rest of ya!

But it's all OK - Look at that Masterpiece!!!


    Ellie said...

    I LOOOOOOOOVE the picture of hunter...waaay to cute!!

    Scarlet said...

    Love this idea its too cute. I am going to try it today with my tot. I hope you have more exciting crafts coming.

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