Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Apple Pops

Apple Pops arranged  Yummy Apple Pops!

OK... I made these as a treat but I am so making these for our next party and for Halloween-time! These are great!!!

You need:

Apple Pop Ingredients
Apples, sticks, caramel, peanut butter, and sprinkles.

Here's what I did.....

(1) I washed my apples (I only had 2 and they were Red Delicious).
(2) I took my melon baller and made balls of apple (leave the skin on).
(3) I took popsicle sticks and put one in each ball (poked the stick through the skinned side).
(4) This is where you'd warm up your dipping agent. I used Caramel Bits by Kraft (nuked a small amount for 45 seconds in the microwave with a bit of water) and peanut butter (nuked for 30 seconds). Other great ideas would be Nutella, melted chocolate, melted cinnamon chips or fluff.
(5) Take a paper towel and dry an apple and then dip and swirl in the coating.
(6) roll in a coating such as nonpareils, sprinkles, mini chips, coconut, crushed cookies....
(7) place on waxed paper and cool in refrigerator (peanut butter ones are ready quickly (like 5 minutes) while the caramel needs about an hour).

These were so easy, the kids loved them, and so did I! :)


Ellie said...

that looks oh soo yummy!!

sazzifrazz said...

those look good. i love candy apples but hate how mess and hard to eat they are. This is a good solution.

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