Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kitchen Fireworks - 2 ways

These are both 2 easy things to do with the kids. 
We all have the ingredients on hand too!

Kitchen Fireworks #1
  1. Pour  about 2 cups milk (the more fat the better) into a cake pan or baking dish.
  2. Scatter numerous drops of food coloring in several different spots in the milk.
  3. Squeeze some dish washing detergent into the milk, mainly near the food coloring drops.
  4. Watch the "firework display" in the pan. The "fireworks" are the result of the liquid dish washing detergent separating the fat in the milk, thus causing it to move.
  5. Supposedly when the "show" starts to die-down, you can add more liquid detergent to the milk and it will start over again. I didnt find this the case but maybe we did something wrong. It was cool to see once though!

Kitchen Fireworks #2
(these were WAY more impressive!)

  1. Pour water into a clear glass leaving roughly an inch of space at the top of the glass. Water must be room temperature so either: let it sit out a bit -or- make it room temperature from the faucet.
  2. In another cup, add about 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Then add 1 or 2 drops of the each (red, yellow & blue) food coloring to the oil.
  3. Using a fork, carefully stir the vegetable oil and food coloring just enough to break up the drops. (only slightly stir the mix so you will have a variety of large and small beads).
  4. Pour the vegetable oil mix slowly into the glass of water. In around 30 seconds, the beads of color will shoot through the vegetable oil making small streamers and tiny fireworks!!

Oil poured on top.... waiting.... Red & Blue Fireworks!

2nd time we used Red, Yellow & Blue and this mug-cup and it worked better!

2nd time we used Red, Yellow & Blue and this mug-cup and it worked better!

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