Friday, August 7, 2009

ChocoNut Haystacks

ChocoNut Haystacks

OK... so with the leftover melted Chocolate from the Banana Pop Treats, I decided to not waste it. I had shredded coconut already out from the pops. So what I did was add coconut to the chocolate and then added sliced, hand-crushed almonds to the melted chocolate. I stirred it and then took a cookie scooper (small ice-cream scoop) and made small mounds and put them in a  cool place (fridge or freezer) and let them set up.
If you like Almond Joys, you'd love these.

I got the inspiration from a candy store that used to be in Tanger Outlet Mall in Riverhead, NY. They used to sell these things I believe they called haystacks and they were just mound of chocolate  and coconut similar to these. i thought the almonds would add a bit more and the crunch it added made them even better.

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This looks yummy T!

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