Friday, August 7, 2009

Frozen Banana Pop Treats

Frozen Banana Treats

I guess I am more of a Frugal mom than I thought... I can't waste things. The bananas were super ripe. There is only so much banana bread or muffins one can eat. I had like 8 bananas that needed to be used. I was going to make banana shakes (like the yummy ones from Cook-Out) but I decided it was a banana pop kinda day. Find the recipe and directions I did as follows (already altered).

6 Bananas
1-1/2 cup of Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
4 Tablespoons Butter
Items for coating (sprinkles, sweetened coconut, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter chips)

1. Peel 6 medium-large bananas.
2. Cut in half cross-wise.
3. Insert wooden pop stick in each piece carefully.
4. Place on baking sheet.
5. Freeze until bananas are firm which is about 2 hours (or more).
6. Microwave butter/shortening & chocolate chips for 45 seconds on 50% power. Stir and Microwave for another 30 minutes on full power and stir.
7. Using a silicone brush, "paint" on the chocolate quickly but thoroughly.
8. roll in topping on choice.
9. Place on wax paper lined baking sheet and freeze until firm.

*** Mom Note: We also tried smearing peanut butter on them instead of chocolate coating. We then rolled them in sprinkles or chips and they tasted very yummy.

*** Mom Note: Target has a pack of 150 Craft Sticks (plain pack & multi-color pack) for $1.00. Talk about a bargain! They are the perfect size and the kids LOVED that they were colored!

*** Mom Note: There was extra chocolate left.. I couldn't let that go to waste so please see post for ChocoNut Haystacks.

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Dear lord these look so good, i bet conner would eat these.

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